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iPhone and iPad owners pay the price for Apple’s App-store abusive monopoly. Demand your refund.  

Consumers have been overcharged 5 billion euros for their app and in-app purchases and should demand a refund. Apple has reaped this excess profit by abusing its market dominance at the expense of European consumers.

By using anti-competitive practices, Apple has been able to charge excessively high prices and impose restrictive conditions. Apple excluded all competition and withheld choice for consumers on their App-store and in-app purchases.

The foundation represents the interests of European consumers and demands that Apple stops its unlawful conduct, and consumers receive compensation for their damages. Join our efforts to hold Apple accountable. Sign up to support the claim!

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About the foundation

The Consumer Competition Claims Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation that is committed to protecting consumers against unfair commercial practices and violations of consumer law.

Consumers often suffer damage as a result of cartels and abuses of a dominant market position by large companies. It is impossible for individual consumers to take a stand against these companies. Taking action costs a lot of time, money and expertise. The foundation solves this problem by representing groups of consumers and pursuing their collective claim. The foundation also has the expertise which is required to take effective and deliberate action.

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